Prayer Challenge
Join us in a Prayer Challenge!

We are joining together to pray intentioinally and regularly...

This year Strathroy East CRC is doing a prayer challenge.  This is designed to encourage a regular habit of prayer.  Prayer is the way we communicate with God and it enables us to build a relationship with Him.  The prayer challenge is very simple but as you engage it you will notice that it can easily be expanded to include prayers for family, friends, and neighbours.  Whether you use this particular prayer or commit yourself to a regular prayer time each day we hope you will try it and see how it can deepen your relationship with God. 

1. That we might know God's Love
2. That we might experience God's presence and activity in our lives
3. That we might know God's will
4. That God would give us the strength and courage to join Him in His work

For more information or if you are not sure how this all will work, please feel free to contact Pastor Derek. 

Prayer changes things!