Kentucky Henderson Settlement Missions Project
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On Saturday March 9, 2019, 14 people will be going out from our church to Frakes, Kentucky to help at the Henderson Settlement. 

They will be there for the week, returning Saturday March 16.

Please keep them in your prayers for safety as they travel and help there. Pray that God will use them to further His Kingdom through the work of their hands.

As they send pictures and updates, it will be posted on this blog, so feel free to check back and see what they are up to.


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Henderson Settlement Project Day 3
March 12, 2019
Good evening, Today we split off into our groups once again. Some to return to our jobs to finish up, and others started new projects in the community and on the settlement. This evening they had a local band come in and play “Blue Grass” music. After that we had a time of bible study and focused on Psalm 23. And were reminded of our comfort of knowing the Lord is our shepherd. He knows our needs and wants. Knows our joys. Our struggles, and our times of grief. We also focused on how the devil tries to control our lives, we need to be so strong in our faith to put the Lord first and foremost. And that through him all is possible, no matter what stage of life we are in. Tomorrow we are taking a day off to do some site seeing and returning to our projects on Thursday.
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