Sunday School

    Our church's protocol for your child's safety

    At Strathroy East CRC, we are very big on providing a place where everyone feels safe and loved.  This is why we have put into place a detailed Safe Church Policy

    If you have children of Sunday School age who will be going to Sunday School during the service, we ask that you stop in at the Welcome Desk to sign in your child.  They can then go into church with you until after the Children's Prayer, after which their teachers will take them to their class. You will be able to pick them up after their class when you sign them out. 

    Little Lambs
    Little Lambs

    Little Lambs is Sunday School for children ages 3-JK.  

    They are welcome to join their parents in the Sanctuary for the first part of worship and after the Children's Prayer, they will be excused with their teachers to their classrooms.

    Children will sing songs, hear Bible stories, do crafts and activities at their level.

    Parents can pick up their children at their classroom after church.


    Little Learners

    Go into church first, and after the children's prayer, exit the sanctuary and go to their classrooms.

    Little Learners is for children who are ages 5 and 6.  This class provides a fun, safe and caring environment where children can learn about God and the Bible, and just how much God cares for them!

    A team of volunteers help create an atmosphere in which children are led and challenged to be followers of Jesus. The curriculum is related specifically to the age of the children - communicating in ways that they understand. 

     We are learning from The Jesus Storybook Bible. 

    During each class we read a story from the Bible, do some interactive activities based on that story, and then a craft or game.

    Once every two months we have a movie day with snacks.


    Senior Sunday School
    Senior Sunday School

    Senior Sunday School is for children in Grades 2-3. 

    They will go into church with their parents and after the Children's Prayer will leave for their classrooms with their teachers. 

    The kids will enjoy a fun time of singing, a Bible story and a time of crafts or activities.

    Parents can pick their children up at their classrooms in the Educational Wing after the church service.