Ephesians Challenge

    Ephesians is such an amazing book in God's "text book for living" called the Bible.  The are so many awesome lessons to live by that will help us get through life a little better, maybe even easier on ourselves. And there is a lot to say about preparing for holy battle. 
    There are actually several beautiful challenges here:

    Prayer in Ephesians
    Read Ephesians 1&2. Where the author, Paul, writes "you", replace that word with "I". Where Paul writes "He", referring to God, change that word for this reading to say "You".  This will make these two chapters into a beautiful and personal prayer of blessing for you.

    A child of God is:
    Same chapters, Ephesians 1&2.  This time, on a paper, write: "As a child of God, I am..."   Then write down all the things that you can find that fit to finish that sentence...  For example, in only the first 7 verses you will find that as a child of God, you are:

    • Blessed
    • Chosen
    • Holy
    • Without blame
    • Loved
    • Adopted as His sons
    • Accepted
    • Redeemed
    • Forgiven

    How many more can you find in the rest of Chapters 1&2?

    Are you wondering about the picture at the top right corner of this page, the one with the key? What is in the verse that the key in the picture will unlock?
    Why not check it out and see?