Join us in a Prayer Challenge!

    As a family of believers, we are joining together to pray intentionally and regularly for our church, our community and our world.

    We commit to setting aside time every day to communicate with God, to praise Him, to listen for His leading. This will help build our relationship with Him. 

    For some people, this will be in the morning, for others in the evening. Prayer is a very personal thing between you and God.

    Please join us as we pray in our own homes:

    • That we might know God's Love
    • That we might experience God's presence and activity in our lives
    • That we might know God's will
    • That God would give us the strength and courage to join Him in His work

    For more information, or if you are not sure how this all will work, please feel free to contact Pastor Derek

    Prayers don't need to be long and eloquent, they need only to come from a sincere and humble heart...