Faith Story Challenge:

    In the next week share with at least one person how you have seen God at work in your life.

    The purpose of the faith story challenge is really two fold; 

    1) To encourage people to wonder about how they have seen God at work in their lives.  This, in and of itself, can be helpful in our personal faith walk as we become more aware of how God is always present in our lives. 
    2) It helps us to learn how to talk with others about our faith. 

    We can start simply by sharing with people close to us.  The more we do it the more comfortable we will become talking about God's work in our lives.  This will help us grow in confidence when sharing our faith with others. 
    In this way the faith story challenge is an encouragement to "share the love of Jesus with everyone."

    So now the challenge is, "Who are you going to share your faith story with?"