Hands Team to Belize - January 9-19, 2017

    What the Team will do there?...

    The role of the team will be "Doing" as well as "Being and Learning". For the Doing part, the current need is for a fence to be built around the school perimeter as a security measure. "Being and Learning" is the opportunity to build relationships with local people and experiencing how God is working in Belize as well as sharing God's love and encouraging those they encounter.

    From past experience, the best part of the trip is sharing and realizing how God is alive and at work in other parts of the world, not just in our little corner of Canada.

     The worksite...

    • Our team will be working in Concepcion, Belize, which is in the northern corner of the country at the Concepcion Christian School.
    • It is a Christian School where children are taught a Biblical foundation in spiritual and educational excellence through classroom study and chapels.
    • The people of the village make their living cutting sugar cane from December to June. Children used to help more often with the harvest, but now more parents are realizing the importance of education. Most children finish primary school and 10% of children finish highschool.
    • The HANDS team will be working with local trades people under the supervision of the school principal.