Missionary photos

    Our Missionary

    Moses and Karen Lubbers-Odel


    Hey Saints at Strathroy East, we are so excited to be a part of your church ministry.
    We, Moses and Karen Lubbers-Odel, are honored to serve in Uganda on your behalf.

    Uganda is one of the top 3 youngest countries in the world, which means that half the population (42 million) is under the age of 15.  Therefore children's ministry is vital.  We love being a part of various ministries here - whether it is training teachers and church leaders, preaching, discipling young people, leading Bible studies, teaching Bible class in schools or organizing kid's camps and Bible clubs!! 

    Music is always in the air as Moses thrives on playing guitar, keyboard, and drums, and both of us love singing praises to the Lord. 

    We also hope to be God's hands and feet in the hospitals and prisons more often. 

    We would love to hear more from you, so please send us personal messages and prayer requests, or pop us an email if you wish to receive our regular e-news at

    Check out our blog at
    as we try to post updates there regularly.  

    Riding in God's Palm,
    Karen and Moses

    Missionary photos